Friday, February 1, 2013

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Cement Industry

It's no secret that the cement industry contributes substantially to the whole of the carbon dioxide emissions around the world. They're also guilty of energy over-use and the need to mine for raw materials. For those reasons, it's no wonder why "eco-friendly" is such a buzzword in terms of the cement sector – perhaps even more so than other industries. Though in times of crisis, a steady supply of cement means that countries in need are able to stimulate their economies, it also means that those in the business need to be thinking, more than ever, about how to go green. Alexander F Bouri did it with his company Seament – other companies can get on the wagon, too.

There's no doubt that in an industry that generates such a massive product on a large scale, it's difficult to "go green" entirely. But Nabil M al-Kaluti, general manager of Khalid Cement Industries Complex, has made some moves.

Al-Kaluti firmly believes that one of his projects, which consisted of planting a thick wall of trees around his factory, which was contributory to reducing the amount of pollutants that escaped from his factory. You're probably wondering how he kept the trees, which lived in an ecosystem of pollution, survived, and he admits it was no easy feat. "It involves a considerable cost, but our efforts have been rewarded," al-Kaluti states.

The cement producer also states that he has been aggressively encouraging recycling awareness and new, more environmentally-friendly building materials. For one, he enforces strict rules for his drivers to turn off their vehicles immediately when not in use to reduce emissions. He has also implemented recycling plants which help to clean and reuse water, which would otherwise become waste. Other waste materials are reused as production components, too.

Along with finding cement alternatives, the KCIC manager has also revealed that his company has paired up with Qatar University in order to conduct a study on recycling tires for use in cement mixes. The business sets a standard for "going green" in the cement industry and continues to find new ways to manufacture earth-friendly cement.