Monday, October 8, 2012

Going Green and what it Means to Business Owners

Though it may seem like business owners have a lot on their plate as it is -- what with the community somewhat expecting them to donate chunks of their profits, having to keep up with building regulations, et cetera – being environmentally conscious is hardly too much to ask of them. There are many businessmen who simply do not care and aim to keep expenditures, rather than emissions, low. There are others who say that they are "green" in order to use it in their marketing campaigns, but are really just barely meeting the requirements of eco-friendly. Then, there are businessmen like Alexander F. Bouri who truly do their part.

He's on the board of directors of a company called Envipco. Envipco is comprised of a linkage of business associates from various countries worldwide. These businessmen all have the same plan in mind: to decrease the numbers of consumption. They know that there are companies out there who, despite their immense detriments on the environment, consume valuable resources and pollute with reckless abandon.

Rather than doing what seems to be the standard in modern times, which is encouraging recycling after using, they plan to switch up the model entirely. They want to eliminate the word "recycle" in favor of "reuse;" in other words, businesses need to start utilizing materials that can easily be repurposed. It may seem like too big a step for some companies to take, and that will most certainly be their excuse. Luckily, Envipco also offers counseling and strategy-building, giving their clients reachable goals and the means to attain them. Businesses who work with Envipco will see how easy it is to do their part – and will feel good doing it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mark Bouri and EBM

The Bouri family is probably best known for founding Seament, the first company to utilize floating terminals to distribute bulk building materials, but this is far from the only project they have their hands on. Charles Bouri, for example, also manages Seabulk, and Alexander Bouri is on the board of directors for Envipco. The list goes on for all members of the immediately family, but EBM, or Environmental Building Materials, spearheaded by Mark Bouri, is one of the truly interesting companies in the bloodline.

We live in a day and age where the harm we are doing to our Earth is becoming visible and it's starting to plague our consciences. While some choose to turn the other cheek, others are deciding to be proactive, and that is exactly the purpose of EBM. EBM is a leading provider of bulk materials, but is also an innovator for conservation and waste elimination. They make it their mission to repurpose wasteful by-products into completely usable materials for construction companies. As a result, members of the construction industry are able to improve the quality of their jobs while also saving money. New markets are created in return, and what would once be a negative cost is now a positive return for these companies. It creates a win-win situation.

The company is able to succeed as the result of intensive research and market analysis. They perform testing and quality control on their products, projects, and development to ensure that each company that uses their products gets the desired results. As a result, the earth benefits due to the reduction of waste and the decreased depletion rate of precious resources.

It would be ideal for all businesses to begin employing environmentally conscious strategies in an attempt to control and reduce the potential damage to the environment. That may be far-off into the future; however, businesses like EBM and Envipco are most certainly a good start.